And so I became a messenger

Or, to use the correct word today, as I write back to you in the past, a messager.  You likely still send text messages, but that went away when cell phones stopped working. Landlines held up for quite awhile, but there were ultimately two many computers that kept them going, so after awhile there wasn’t such a thing as a telephone that worked.

Walkie-talkies, sure, but more people used a person to convey their message and that was my job.  People were used to saying a lot more to each other than you can write down on a piece of paper and wait for days for a reply. So they often wanted a lot more communicated than they wrote down on paper. So it was a pretty complicated job. But there were a lot of us, in those days, who sharp memories and a decent ability to get the point of the message. I wasn’t too bad at it.  And it was a living, which was saying a lot.


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