Myst IV Revelations Control Panel

Here’ how the Main Control Box works:


The number of lights lit above the top button pushed will then flow to the column above the bottom button up to the point that it “fills” the lower button’s column to the RED light above the GREEN.  Once the column is full to the RED, the remaining lights stay where they were.  

After turning off the PowerPlant switch, the column #1 & #5 are lit up to the Green.  

Each column has it’s own Maximum height + 1 that puts it in the red.


Column      # to reach green     Controls
1 9 Cable Flyer
2 6
3 5 PP1
4 5 PP2
5 6 Elevator
6 3 Lily Steamer

The first question is which one’s should be on.  I didn’t pay close enough attention to Yeesha when she showed me the panel so go back and listen to what happened if you’re confused on this point.

Once you know that and you see how the lights work (as above), then it’s just a matter of getting those two crucial one’s lit to control the sluice gates Atreus told us about.

I tried to work it out, but didn’t find that easy to do.

Eventually I used a spreadsheet , starting with the something like the table below, keeping track of the max and the effect it achieved until the “goal” was accomplished, per what Atreus and what Yeesha said:

Column      Max       move __ to ____
1 10
2 7
3 6
4 6
5 7
6 4

(If you’re stuck at this point for long enough you’re just frustrated, send me an email and via the Contact Me page & I’ll send you a specific set of moves that works.)

Now it’s on to dealing with the sluice gates.

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