Hints and Tips on Puzzles for the New York Times Archives

Hints and Tips on Puzzles for the New York Times Archives

I only blog after I’ve done the puzzle myself, usually the evening before it appears in the printed paper, five weeks before the syndicated puzzle appears.  The blog gives hints, not direct answers, to help you get un-stuck without giving away the answers!  Bookmark this page and then you won’t get a direct answer the minute you google.   If you’re new to NY Times Crosswords, check out Words Every Puzzler Should Know.  For some general tips, click here.

This blog has no advertising or commercial aspect.  I assume people who come here love words and like thinking about things.  It’s here because I like doing it, hate being given answers directly, and hope you’ll  check out the rest of the site while you’re here.

New feature: Hints (not answers) to NY Times Crossword Puzzle

drJ : October 26, 2012 11:35 pm : NYT

I enjoy doing crosswords, particularly NY Times Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  I also usually do Emmet Quigley’s challenging Monday puzzles.   Sometimes you get stuck on an answer.  You don’t want just find out (Googling is soooo easy…) but you’d love a hint to get you unstuck.   So, if you want to see some hints-not-answers, here you go.   To be honest, the point of this xword blog is to attract word-centric readers who might, just might, be interested in checking out the essays of my blook.

Update, 2014-11-20:  After about a month of doing this which was mostly fun, I’m not updating the crossword blog currently.  I still enjoy doing crosswords regularly, but it my real interest lies in the essays more than the blog.  So I’m “on hiatus” from blogging the NY Times puzzle for a while.  If you’re the kind of person who would enjoy a hint now and then, though, shoot me an email through the contact page and I’ll pass back to you an occasional hint.   — Jon Mack

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