A little nightmare…

A message to the past

It happened more suddenly than anyone had dared imagine. Nothing worked any more.  Money, most obviously, was most immediately and devastatingly hit. Maybe you’d stopped to get cash at the ATM and the line looked to be long and not moving.  And as you went home, you passed many ATM’s each with longer and growing longer lines and no one moving forward, everywhere you looked.  And it was like that moment in a blackout where you wonder if it’s just your place that lost power. You look around and see the whole city in darkness.

Cell phones worked for a while. Then weird things started happening with them too and pretty soon they were useless. For a while things were just “unreliable.” Then they didn’t work at all.  Electricity, water, were still flowing ok, or else I don’t think anyone would have made it through alive.

Gas pumps had to be re-wired, mostly by part-time electricians and amateurs over-riding the complex electonics of the things.

The cash you happened to have on hand was about all that counted for anything.

What happened after that? Is that what you want me to tell you about?

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