Why a “Blook”?

Why a “blook”?


“Blook” is a silly word, but is more accurate than either blog or book for the sort of thing that melds characteristics of both.


A blog is a piece of prose written once. It might be edited quickly as the writer goes along, but a blogger will rarely if ever go back and and forth making significant edits to previous blog entries.  The basic sequence is the timeline of starting with the most recently written and ending back when the blog began. A blogger is especially not likely to go back and re-order entries.


This is the opposite of the most common mode of book writing — whether e-book, or hard-cover or paperback. Books are occasionally written sequentially, as they flow from the writer’s mind, but in most, the structure emerges over time, as the book is written.  And even then, the order is from first written to last except in even rarer exceptions.


Other than books that are deliberately spontaneous, books are sectioned and sequenced in the order that the author believes will make the most sense to the reader, not at all necessarily in the order they were written.


But if blogs and books have some very different structures, they also have a lot in common, particularly when the communication medium is a website on the internet. A book on the internet evolves differently from a book in print. Once printed, the book remains unaltered over time. A book on the internet continues to evolve, has iterations, is not static. It remains current to the degree the author continues to update it, including re-sequencing if the author wishes.

(One could, of course, create a static copy of a blook by either printing it or parts of it or, perhaps more simply, by saving it to a webarchive or similar, but more often it will be viewed online)


So, silly name or not, this is a blook. It’s a simple structure: a live blog and living book.


I hope you find the articles stimulating.