Puzzles and Games

Here are some bits that are purely about amusing oneself. Perhaps they’ll amuse you also. No attempts to unravel great mysteries of life here, just little mysteries of puzzles and sci-fi.

(If you’re an inveterate puzzler, you might find this essay on the value of the hint interesting.   If you know of other games like these that work on the Mac, please send me an email via my Contact Page.)

For NY Times Crossword Puzzle Fans:

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Hints (no “spoilers”)  from the NYT Archives… and an occasional Brendan Emmett Quigley themeless Monday.

Great Clue – Answer combos

Words every puzzler should know


Imaginary-world Puzzle Notes

Myst IV:  Revelations Real Time Blog

A great Myst-like game for Mac, very complex:  Alida Notes

Myst III: Exile

Starting Point: J’Nanin as well as Amateria (reached from J’Nanin)

Voltaic Notes

Edanna Notes




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