Alida Notes

Alida is a fantastic game, if quite frustrating.  It’s worth buying the hints provided by the creator of the game.  Even so, I needed more help than even they provided at a few points, but the creator of the game provided some great further hints without giving away the answers.

As I went along, I tracked the routes and options:
, faces WEST, to the sea EAST

-> GREAT CORRIDOR Door #1 -> MONEY VAULT (1) [GREEN] -> PLECTRUM w/ VIEW of an VAULT [# unk] w/ KIVAS/Arin, OUTSIDE.  Black teeshirt

Door #2 A -> LEFT -> LIGHTHOUSE & Ball Puzzle B -> RIGHT -> (via sea level long pier under bridge) Pagoda Symbol & PEEPHOLE -> After lifting TRIANGLE ROCK -> PAGODA of WEIGHTLESSNESS -> (via Button) -> Rune Panel Transport Pod #1 ->  (Via solving Piano Jukebox) -> SWITCH  CHAMBER  

A -> RIGHT (past stairs) -> T-Flyer -> (Via solving Bird controller) ->  CONSERVATORY GARDEN 

A -> Down Stairway 1 -> Leval’s Dungeon

                           B -> Down Stairway 2 -> Room w/ Arin’s Letter & Locked Chamber

                           C->  (Via solving Guitar Puzzle) -> SPHERE comes w/  Guitar/Helix video of UpsideDown Dome (AKA The Switch).            

Transport Pod #2 ->   (via solving Rolling Number Jukebox – Solution #2) -> PEGHEAD -> (via solving the PEGHEAD MOTORS puzzle) -> A -> CONCRETE ROOM Guitar/Helix B -> (via Stairs Up) -> BASE HOLDING UP PEGHEAD & BUTTON, unplugged from its socket

Transport Pod #3 -> (Via solving Imager Jukebox) -> PLANETARIUM 

A-> (via solving Planetarium Flyer) -> Room w/ 4 Orbs & Master Control ->  out front door of Jacktower to lagoon -> via solving planet models in cabins -> up Jacktower  to Bi-Sphere machine & Potentiometer Helix

      B–> The 4 Bridges & Elevators -> via turning on lights -> to the Solar System models  NORTH to under the PEGHEAD

A -> UP (hidden) LADDER to 2 – PIANO CODE VAULT (2) [GREEN] w/ Arin – Gray shirt INSIDE -> (Via Button Code from Spinner Jukebox) -> Green light [but not yet open]

B -> Past Ladder to UNDER PEGHEAD and then CLOSED MANHOLE COVER -> (After solving Ball Puzzle) -> into SPHERE -> GUITAR VAULT (3) (no push buttons) -> TRIANGLE ROCK LIFTER SOUTH (via CHAIR) -> RUINED VILLAGE

Tunnels: #1.  (Behind 3-Square Foundation & LEFT) To CABINS and JACKTOWER

#2.  (Behind 2-Square Foundation) To OBSERVATION TOWER

#3.  (Behind 3-Square Foundation & RIGHT) Via WOODEN BRIDGES -> (After solving Village Puzzle) -> to MAGIC MOUNTAIN -> Entry Cavern LEFT Passageway -> Guitar/Helix RIGHT Passageway ->  MAGIC MOUNTAIN VAULT (4)


Questions needed to resolve in solving puzzles:

    1. Does the Giant Guitar need to be TUNED to open the Vaults?  This is likely.  But how?…probably by setting ALL the specific area settings correctly (e.g. Setting Peghead Motors to match Peghead Motors Guitar Helix Imager , solving the Knob Solar System Puzzle)…Setting the Motors per the Helix Imager didn’t seem to do it.  Why?  Did I make a mistake?  Is there something more I must do…Returning after getting to final Helix at top of JACKTOWER.
    2. SOLVED There are controls at both ends of the Basket Chair that are inoperative.  What do they do?  (Answered once Jack Tower front door is opened.)
    3. What does the PLECTRUM HELIX-GUITAR do?…most likely it TELLS US something about the SWITCH, but what?  I suspect I haven’t really seen the SWITCH itself.
    4. What does the Magic Mountain Helix tell us?  It seems to just tell us to pluck the plectrum.  


    1. SOLVED What do the planetary diagrams in the Houses do?  Is there a relationship between them and the changing patterns inside the Giant Sphere?  The solar system model is related to them, I assume, but how?
    2. SOLVED What does the bug Whabbit relate to? 
    3. What are the 3 domes in the water?  Why is it important to be able to see them from inside the Magic Mountain?
    4. Why do Vaults (3) & (4) not have buttons?
    5. SOLVED What does the blinking of the light in the Magic Mountain Vault (4) tell us?  Seems to be a pattern of longs and shorts.  What might this relate to?  
    6. There’s a stairway UP in this vault, where does it lead?  Obviously I have to get into that vault to find out…it is very unlikely that the vaults connect to each other.
    7. SOLVED What do the colors of the different poles on the Observation Tower tell us?  ANSWERED
    8. SOLVED What OPENS the door of the Jack Tower? 
    9. SOLVED How does the Moon Imager work?  Once solved, will it give entry to Transport Pod #3?  
  1. How do I open the closed circular door near the Conservatory?  What could be inside???

          PATH 1: EAST into Great Corridor   Piano Jukebox (#1) Code is hidden near the jukebox:  “87523”     1st symbol inside GIANT SPHERE 5th symbol: On TRIANGLE ROCK at end of Long PIER underneath GUITAR BRIDGE 8th symbol:  On wall of Upside Down Dome   Using Piano Code that Arin shows us from VAULT (2):   1, 6, 5, 1+2, 8 2+3, 4, 5+6, 4+5, 3 Opens Transport Pod #1    NumberWheel Juke Box (#2) Decrypting wall drawing reveals how to get the code out of this jukebox.  It doesn’t open the Transport Pod, but turns the light GREEN on 2 of the vaults.   Imager Jukebox (#3) Hints from Cos: “The buttons have a split personality”       “Sometimes a hologram is so real, you feel you can reach out and touch it”  Touching the Images is meaningful 
Switch: Right.    DOORWAY #1 —  To MONEY VAULT (1):       And to PLECTRUM with view of a ? – VAULT Door.     Man in black shirt says he’s ARIN, is locked OUTSIDE of the VAULTS and says his twin KIVAS is his twin & is locked INSIDE of a VAULT.  But we’ve seen this person, in a blue shirt, showing us the PIANO CODE than got us into the first Transport Pod. This blue-shirted twin, inside a vault showed the MEDALLION, per INITIAL DIALOG, that was Arin. So this is likely KIVAS outside the vault. Now, this person tells us that he’s locked THE ONLY OTHER BAND MEMBER on Alida (Leval) in the CONSERVATORY  because he was beginning “to act suspicious”.   DOORWAY #2:   A. Switch Left:   Pier to SMALL LIGHTHOUSE:

At end of LONG PIER beneath GUITAR BRIDGE   ROCK with IMAGE and PEEP HOLE     After the WEIGHT is lifted, we enter Pagoda area     Inside the Pagoda:   Turning around from entrance of Pagoda:     See Decoder (requires something nearby to be useful) PATH 2: NORTH Under the PEGHEAD.   “Command Center” LADDER (controlled by lights on railing)   to just under the PEGHEAD   UP LADDER: “Command Station” Ladder to yet another VAULT (2) w/ Piano Code: Arin points out symbols. Skipping ladder, arrive under PEGHEAD:     w/ CLOSED MANHOLE COVER…   Solving the BALL PUZZLE opens the Manhole Cover   Go through GIANT SPHERE, in which we see this symbol:     vs. after Sphere Lit:   GUITAR VAULT (2) (No push buttons.  No person.): This vault has one stairways up, a ladder up and a ladder down.   then reach machine that lifts the STONE with DESIGNS that blocked the RIGHT FORK, LONG PIER passage.   Path #3: SOUTH   BASKET CHAIR to the RUINED VILLAGE.   Note: There are 2 Levers at both ends, OUTSIDE the Basket Chair, that don’t currently do anything.  Something should make this chair go to other spheres     HOUSES   HOUSE #1 = Arin’s House       Kivas’ email server has the number 6 while Arin’s has the number 2 (Clue or Detail?)   Interest object are in drawer.               3D SOLAR SYSTEM MODEL in House #3 (Note:  This proved to be irrelevant;  Detail, not clue) The BOOK in House #3:  (note:  He refers to Luke, so presumably he’s LEVAL)   Bug Spinning Wheel in room #3.   The BALL SPINNER in House #4:     From the OBSERVATION DECK: The next cylinder is GREEN.  Then comes YELLOW-Green, then GREY         MAGIC MOUNTAIN   CENTRAL CAVE:   “Left” vs. “Right” based on view when enter).  LEFT leads to the HELIX-GUITAR CAVERN: There is a LADDER UP.  This appears constructed specifically to give good VIEWPOINT for the DISC-IN-THE-WATER:   Why?   MAGIC MOUNTAIN GUITAR HELIX     Clicking on the handle on the right shows TURNING the Lever on the Guitar Bridge String Plucker  (reached through DOORWAY #1).  It shows the LEVER turning to the  LEFT.    Not clear if this is a video or live.  Appears to be unchanging video.   RIGHT leads to the MAGIC MOUNTAIN VAULT (4) . HINTED VAULT:   VAULT WITH LAMP:   The SWITCH area (I originally thought this was the Conservatory)   Bird Puzzle in Transport Pod       Pipe Control on Upside Down Dome Keyboard Diagram on Dome   The ORGAN:           Each push on Push Button, moves up the scale one half-step  and has a corresponding place where the white ball lands.     The Piano Painting changes with this change in pitch, going up one half-step each time: Begins with: We can match the diagram on the Upside Down Dome.   Position of ball when we’re at the note that opens the Upside Down Dome:       Each position matches a note   There’s a control on top that appears to be a button, perhaps, but isn’t clickable.     Now pulling the Pipe Handle opens the Upside Down Dome, revealing this view:   pastedGraphic_81.pdf   & This symbol: pastedGraphic_82.pdf   This code for Jukebox #2: pastedGraphic_83.pdf     SOLUTION after figuring out which bird sound matches which quadrant: pastedGraphic_84.pdf   T-Flyer now takes us to CONSERVATORY GARDEN GUITAR PUZZLE Hint:  “It’s not the journey, but the destination that matters.” pastedGraphic_85.pdf

Weightlessness Room pastedGraphic_86.pdf pastedGraphic_87.pdfpastedGraphic_88.pdf G pastedGraphic_89.pdf
SPHERE under PEGHEAD pastedGraphic_90.pdf pastedGraphic_91.pdf C pastedGraphic_92.pdf
SWITCH Chamber pastedGraphic_93.pdf pastedGraphic_94.pdf C (up octave) pastedGraphic_95.pdf
PEGHEAD pastedGraphic_96.pdf pastedGraphic_97.pdf? could be deduced, but not clear it’s needed at this point pastedGraphic_98.pdfsince I can cycle thru all 8, either hypoth or one of others is wrong;When solved ball is in RIGHT CORNER
Conservatory Garden (Leval’s dungeon) pastedGraphic_99.pdf pastedGraphic_100.pdf C (up octave) pastedGraphic_101.pdf

WORKS – 4/22   Now this right hand corner shows up in the TV Console in the Sphere         Presumed to be details, not clues: Conservatory Garden SUNDIAL pastedGraphic_102.pdf Going down exit between BENCH and STONE TABLE room w/ these items: pastedGraphic_103.pdf pastedGraphic_104.pdf   CLOSED ENTRY: pastedGraphic_105.pdf   Arin’s note: pastedGraphic_106.pdf   pastedGraphic_107.pdf   Next EXIT PASSAGEWAY leads to DUNGEON: pastedGraphic_108.pdf pastedGraphic_109.pdf Leval is in the locked room.  He claims Arin locked him in there.  He says the CODE is 21 or 22.  He claims that he and Kivas were trying to figure out the codes.  I think Arin’s locked inside a vault and that Kivas is outside.        VIEWS of “Orbits” possibly:   IN TRANSPORT SPHERE: pastedGraphic_110.pdf at CONSERVATORY garden.   May be only a detail.  Note second image when facing the Garden: pastedGraphic_111.pdf  and a third:pastedGraphic_112.pdf   We’ll see.     And another GUITAR/HELIX like the one in the MAGIC MOUNTAIN Cavern:   pastedGraphic_113.pdf Note that what’s red here is THE SWITCH, while the one in Magic Mountain, The PLECTRUM/PICKUP is red. Once we’ve solved the spinning wheels AGAIN (this time using “something inside a vault”), we gain access two TRANSPORT POD #2.  Ah, now we’re inside the PEGHEAD as seen in Arin’s drawer.  (Diagram in Arin’s drawer appears to be a MAP, not a clue.) After switching far right: pastedGraphic_114.pdf   BEGINNING POSITIONS:   TOP OF GUITAR (due NORTH) pastedGraphic_115.pdf       P          DD        M      V          3       Staple  ½D        H       Slide     D        ½TAB

pastedGraphic_116.pdf pastedGraphic_117.pdf
pastedGraphic_118.pdf pastedGraphic_119.pdf
pastedGraphic_120.pdf pastedGraphic_121.pdf

pastedGraphic_122.pdf Seen from ABOVE: pastedGraphic_123.pdf   pastedGraphic_124.pdf     Should be able to determine which is the TOP (in terms of control “FAR”) control and which is LEFT or RIGHT by figuring out which way is N in the Earth Model above.  Another possibility is that the correct positioning of this one will tell us what the top is.  Time to play with the dials…   Note also that I can DETERMINE which is the correct orientation by correlating the triangle with the one that opened the Guitar Puzzle.   Earth Sphere from below: pastedGraphic_125.pdf   I believe this to be initial position of left 3 pegs: pastedGraphic_126.pdf   After reversing FAR LEFT PEG MOTOR:   pastedGraphic_127.pdf   Vs. original:pastedGraphic_128.pdf     “An area may be eluding you…” pastedGraphic_129.pdf   Found it.  It is hidden at the entrance to the Middle Peg controller, right side when starting from the transport pod:   What we see:   Note:  the “M” symbol is at 1:30 when N(orth) is 12:00. : from below.  Note that the top of the triangle, as it is seen on the piano, is at 12:00, i.e. N(orth) as we’d expect.  pastedGraphic_130.pdf  pastedGraphic_131.pdf   (Detail:  It does not appear to me that this image changes correctly in accord with changes in the puzzle.)   pastedGraphic_132.pdf   pastedGraphic_115.pdf

Top Right pastedGraphic_133.pdf pastedGraphic_134.pdf pastedGraphic_135.pdf Pyramid
pastedGraphic_136.pdf pastedGraphic_137.pdf Double Dome
Middle Right N/A N/A Arrow Control
Bottom Right pastedGraphic_138.pdf pastedGraphic_139.pdf pastedGraphic_140.pdf Diagonal
pastedGraphic_141.pdf pastedGraphic_142.pdf Dome
Bottom Left pastedGraphic_143.pdf pastedGraphic_144.pdf pastedGraphic_145.pdf Half Dome
pastedGraphic_146.pdf pastedGraphic_147.pdf “House on Street”
Middle Left pastedGraphic_148.pdf pastedGraphic_149.pdf pastedGraphic_150.pdf Wide tab
pastedGraphic_151.pdf pastedGraphic_152.pdf “Mansion on Street”
Top Left pastedGraphic_153.pdf pastedGraphic_154.pdf pastedGraphic_155.pdf “M”
pastedGraphic_156.pdf pastedGraphic_157.pdf “V”
0:00 V pastedGraphic_158.pdf Dome V
1:30 “M” pastedGraphic_159.pdf Half-tabpastedGraphic_160.pdf M
3:00 Pyramid pastedGraphic_161.pdf Double Dome:pastedGraphic_162.pdf Either Pyramid or Double Dome
4:30 Half Dome pastedGraphic_163.pdf Diagonal slide:pastedGraphic_164.pdf Half Dome
RED N 6:00 House on street pastedGraphic_165.pdf Wide Tab:pastedGraphic_166.pdf Wide Tab
7:30 Dome pastedGraphic_167.pdf Sharp-roofed House:pastedGraphic_168.pdf V
Magenta 9:00 House on street (2) pastedGraphic_169.pdf Mansion on Street:pastedGraphic_170.pdf Mansion
Magenta 11:30 “Mansion” on street pastedGraphic_171.pdf Diagonal slide:pastedGraphic_172.pdf Mansion

Observatory positions: (Going counter-clockwise around sphere)

North 45° 90°: 135° :
pastedGraphic_173.pdf pastedGraphic_174.pdf pastedGraphic_175.pdf pastedGraphic_176.pdf
Red Green Yellow Gray/White
Dome or House Half Dome / House Dome or Double Dome / Pyramid (reverse of Red) M or V (opposite of Blue
180° (i.e. facing South): 225° 270°  315°:
pastedGraphic_177.pdf pastedGraphic_178.pdf pastedGraphic_179.pdf pastedGraphic_180.pdf
Blue Magenta Magenta Blue
M or V  (opposite of white/gray) Dome or Double Dome / Pyramid, opposite of Yellow Dome or Double Dome / Pyramid opposite of Yellow M or V 

Magenta didn’t work correctly, as far as I could decipher the symbol associated with it.  I really more stumbled on what I call, the “mansion” as a way of distinguishing it from the “house.”  That the “V” was a third similar shape kind of broke my system down.   I tried calling it “the A-frame” but got myself confused a couple of times.  But once I began to get the pieces to fall into place, I got around to the two magenta guys that really don’t look like the “mansion” shape at all.     The GUITAR HELIX (#3) in the concrete chamber with the orange thing: pastedGraphic_181.pdf   pastedGraphic_182.pdf   This seems to reveal NEW settings for the PEGHEAD MOTORS !

At small arrow
Pyramid not rounded top pastedGraphic_183.pdf
M pastedGraphic_184.pdf
Mansion pastedGraphic_185.pdf[Opposite Position above]
   Half Dome:  pastedGraphic_186.pdf
   Dome pastedGraphic_187.pdf
Arrow pointing to Bottom Left pastedGraphic_188.pdf

             NO IMMEDIATE EFFECT TO SETTING THESE CORRECTLY.  I assume this is part of the larger solution of getting into the vaults.           VAULTS   Code to turn light to green w/ buttons is given by the pattern observed by solving the CRYPTOGRAM seen at the SWITCH TOWER + the DECODER at the Room of Weightlessness, which tells us that the Number Spinner Jukebox must be all 2’s and the button held to reveal pattern to press vault buttons.   UP down down UP down UP down down   Only 2 of the vaults have buttons to push though all have red/green lights     Magic Mountain Vault     VAULT WITH LAMP : Identical to Cos’ hinted Vault pastedGraphic_189.pdf   Lamp behind vault flashes:   short, short (PAUSE) LONG, short, short, short, LONG, short, short (PAUSE) LONG, short, short, short   Note:  This VAULT (#4) does NOT have buttons but does have a RED/green light diode   per Cos: “Also, make sure you pass your hand over the imager holograms. Dual personality – you know how you get these gadgets and a button does more than one thing if you press it again …”   AHA, NOW I GET IT!  The hint about the dual personality was a red herring to me.  The buttons do what it looks like they do,   It’s that passing a hand over (not trying to click it or grab it, as would be more common) is what leads them to be matchable to the codes, not their icon.  In the end, very good.  Now time to see what happens when I fit the pattern I discovered previously.   It probably won’t be relevant, but here are the icons that result:   pastedGraphic_190.pdf    = 2 shorts   pastedGraphic_191.pdf = LONG, short, short, short, LONG, short, short   pastedGraphic_192.pdf  = Long, short, short, short   et VOILA! Transport Pod #3 is now open to take us somewhere we haven’t been before!   Going clockwise from the center of the ALIDA STAR CHAMBER, starting from the Transport Pod itself at 12:00.     1:30 A Bridge -> Dead End 3:00 A silver dome like a serving dish top and a LIGHT that can on or off; Dome open or closed.  Note that dome can be closed with light still on.  Closing with light on lights the 1st (1:30) bridge. Elevator goes UP.  Brings to a solar system model in closed position.  Pressing button doesn’t open, presumably I have to solve the puzzles in the cabins first.   4:30 A second bridge   6:00 Directly across from the Transport Pod, another pod, identified in Hints as the Planetarium Pod, with a FROG PUZZLE seemingly similar to the BIRD puzzle, we will need to return to the Lagoon to investigate.   7:30 Third bridge  -> Dead End  -> turn on light -> Elevator -> Closed solar system model   9:00 Second silver dome-y thing  -> ALL Bridges now lit; presumably all lead to same kind of thing as bridge #1    10:30 Fourth bridge   [back to top]   Planetarium Flyer –  Match the bug to the house and win a prize!   pastedGraphic_193.pdf   Time to return to the lagoon!

  1. WASP ( 3 legs) – buzz
  2. Vertical Winged bat-like – Hi-pitched fast rattle
  3. Cricket (vertical) – hi-pitched cricket sound
  4. Gnat – buzzing of one insect moving around one’s head
  5. Bullfrog – 5-3-2 croak almost like barking dog
  6. Toadish frog – slower croak, almost like struggling to emit it

Counterclockwise From Juno’s cabin w/ Bug Whabbit:  2 Bat-wing   Next clockwise is BRIDGE, but can’t hear any except possibly bat-wing again   Huh.  Conclusion surprised me, though it does kind of make sense, given the difference from the small lagoon frogs and bugs versus the bird in the trees.    Taking the trip in the Planetarium flyer…   Ah, INSIDE Jack Tower, as I suspected.  I think I’ve been just about everywhere now.   Note to Cos:  If you sometimes read fiction, I recommend highly to you a short novel by Jedediah Berry, The Manual of Detection.  It is in a category called “steampunk”  (  William Gibson wrote a book early in his career that is the exemplar of this category.  Anyway, Berry’s first instruction in the manual his hero finds is that the primary job of a detective is to distinguish between details and clues.  Certainly this is absolutely part of what one must do to solve the Alida puzzles.  I would add to this that certain things provide information that is important, while not necessarily being intimately involved with a specific point of a puzzle to be considered a clue.  (E.g. the viewpoints for the cement domes in the bay near the lagoon. )    At the moment, this looks more like a simple detail to me: pastedGraphic_194.pdf     This looks like a clue.  At least important information.  One of the domed vaults is now OPEN at the top.  I’ll go look at them from Magic Mountain again and see if they’ve changed.  At the very least,The wall images can be used to determine my position.   Is there must be something I can manipulate besides the main lever in this vicinity.     Ah, here’s an elevator.  I’ll take it and then leave off for a while…   Ah, it opens the front door, also as expected.  So now I can go back and forth from the lagoon without moving the Planetarium Flyer.       Open Concrete dome: pastedGraphic_195.pdf   when looking out this window, down appears to have a LIGHT CLUE:     short short short LONG short    (ah, each does)   next:   pastedGraphic_196.pdf   LONG LONG short short short short short   pastedGraphic_197.pdf   looks like their could be a high path up on top of this one   short LONG    pastedGraphic_198.pdf   short short LONG short short short          Do these correspond to some the settings on the Imager Jukebox?  Must check.     Current sequence of colors of orb from perspective of the Jack Tower Control. With this as 6:00.  Clockwise it’s YELLOW, GREY,  REDDISH BROWN, GREEN.  This must be important though I don’t know how.   pastedGraphic_199.pdf Meanwhile, taking another look at the closed Solar System models, there’s a lot of noise like the opening and closing of the gates of the elevator going on while I’m here.  Why?  Is this meaningful?   Back at the Imager Jukebox, none of the codes seems long enough to match the longest code.   Moon: 1 short Comet: 2 shorts Disk: 3 shorts Galaxy: LONG short Saturn: LONG short short Star: LONG 3 shorts Cloud:  LONG 3 shorts LONG Eclipsed Disk:  LONG 3 shorts LONG short Gas Nebulae: LONG 3 shorts LONG 2 shorts     None, apparently, match the patterns seen in the ORB Room; It’s conceivable that some combination matches, but the three buttons definitely don’t map neatly to the 4 orbs.   Taking an inspection tour of entire world, via exiting Front Door of Jack Tower.  This probably will explain use of the two levers to move the Basket Chair back.  Correct.   View (from the Observation Tower) of the three Concrete Domes just outside the Lagoon at this point vs. much earlier reveals that they have NOT changed.  The one nearest Magic Mountain is the widest open, the one nearest the lagoon next largest open, the furthest to sea, least.  May be a detail and not a clue.     OK.  Hadn’t checked out lagoon when I went to hints.  Used hint that directed to me to consider the Solar System models in relation to this.  I’d considered it but hadn’t thought that I could tie one-to-one based on the location.  I’ll go back and figure out which color matches which spot.   Orbs platforms are slightly different.  Meaningful?   pastedGraphic_200.pdf  Clockwise from PODIUM  pastedGraphic_201.pdf Counter clockwise   Altering the Solar System models changes the sequence of colors in the ORB ROOM.  This discounts the possibility that the Orb Room is telling us how to set the models, Since the models control the Orb Room orb holograms.  Not clear how which change to the model control which Orb, nor which way they should be.  Perhaps the ROTATING MODEL answers which color should be ON based on the ORBIT of the given color.  Hmmmm.  The last orb, the green one just counter-clockwise from the control, is a much brighter green, much more life like with the solar systems as they are AFTER the first visit back to the cabins.     After first attempt to manipulate the models in the cabins, the OrbRoom display has changed: pastedGraphic_202.pdf   The current state of the 4 cabins: (CLOCKWISE FROM TOWER ENTRANCE/BRIDGE TO CAVERN ENTRANCE) pastedGraphic_203.pdf BROWN is spinning   pastedGraphic_204.pdf  Big Green is spinning   pastedGraphic_205.pdf  Dark blue at far left (East) spinning; This house back faces domes   pastedGraphic_206.pdf  Grey is spinning   Went to first model and turned BROWN off and put MOTTLED BLUE small at 6 o’clock on.                 pastedGraphic_207.pdf   Changing Arin’s (1st Cabin) to Green orb in FIRST orbit (closest to Alida “Sun”) changes orb at 10:30 to matching small green.  No idea, however, what I want this display to look like.     Cos’ hint tells me that the models in the Planetarium are the info I need.  Finally (with Cos’ help) figured out what was necessary to get the models open.  The whole thing turns when I modify them.  Hmmmm.   Back to confirming which cabin controls which orb.   Current:pastedGraphic_208.pdf   Alida button was already pushed in; left it this way switched from Orbit #2 = small brown to Orbit #3 = large gray Changes to this.  So Arin’s cabin is, as originally noted above, at 10:30 from pedestal.   pastedGraphic_209.pdf   Going  counter-clockwise, Orbit #4: large yellowish (?) is spinning;  button is pushed in.  Switch to Orbit #3: EARTH   Yes, 7:30 orb (was Yellow) is now Earth:   pastedGraphic_210.pdf     Ok.  Now that I know which cabin relates to which orb, I have to determine which light sequence matches which planet being “on” in the Planetarium models.  This should tell me which one to leave on in the corresponding Cabin model.  Lagoon with bridge to cavern as 12 o’clock Planetarium with Transport Pod (to Great Hall) @ 12 o’clock Pod faces 12:00 o’clock;  Podium Control is @ 6 o’clock   Columns 4 & 5 come from the Orb room windows discovered earlier

10:30 Arin pastedGraphic_211.pdf 1 – s s L s s s pastedGraphic_212.pdf short short LONG short short short
2 – s s L s s
3 – s s L
4 – s s L s
7:30 empty pastedGraphic_213.pdf 1 – s s s L s s s pastedGraphic_214.pdf short short short LONG short
2 – s s s L s s s s
3 – s s s L s s
4 – s s s L
5 – s s s L s
4:30 room w/ book & bug spinner pastedGraphic_215.pdf 1 – L L s s s s pastedGraphic_216.pdf LONG LONG short short short short short
2 – L L s s s s s
3 – L L s s s
4 – L L s
5 – L L s s
1:30 pastedGraphic_217.pdf pastedGraphic_218.pdf 1 – s L s s s  pastedGraphic_219.pdf short Long
2 – s L s s
3 – s L
4 – s L s
pastedGraphic_220.pdf short short short LONG short
pastedGraphic_221.pdf LONG LONG short short short short short
pastedGraphic_222.pdf short LONG
pastedGraphic_223.pdf short short LONG short short short 

YES!   Ok, this leads us to a MACHINE that somehow combines Spheres:   pastedGraphic_224.pdf and to the FOURTH HELIX.  This helix gives us a series of PLANETS related to the Planet Models in either the CABINS or the PLANETARIUM.  Since the Planetarium rotates, I’d guess it relates to that, perhaps in the same combination lock fashion that the Lighthouse Ball Puzzle did.  Let’s try:   EARTH in orbit #2  (@ 6:00)   YELLOW GIANT in Orbit #4  (@ 9:00)   BIG EARTH in #3  (@7:30)   Little EARTH in #1  (@ 6:00)   CENTER is in UP position   The table with pictures has two Solar Systems (clue or detail?  currently assuming detail):   Is this letter to Juno nearly identical to one sent to Arin a clue or detail?   In Planetarium: Making Flyer 12:00   1:30 is BIG EARTH @7:30 Orbit 3  <– 3   4:30 is YELLOW @ 9:00 Orbit 4   <— 2   (6 is Rail Transport Pod)   7:30 is EARTH @ 6 Orbit 2    <—  1   10:30 is SMALL EARTH @ 6 Orbit 1  <– 4   No obvious effect, but did it unlock a VAULT DOOR?   Time to re-visit the vaults.                 Cos’ latest:   Have you set the Switch as well? The Switch is the huge ball that rolls over to reveal the steps… Peghead, Switch, Potentiometers all need to be set.   Boy you’re almost done. Thanks for playing.     Ok, I believe I have set the Peghead (though not absolutely certain I got it write, following the Guitar/Helix seemed pretty clear.  Re-check if doesn’t work once I get the Switch.  Same applies to potentiometers (I call them the Solar System models):  I think I’ve got them right now.   In each of these cases the Guitar/Helix told me what to do.  I don’t see what the helix that is the one of the Switch  is telling me.         Helixes    

1 from Conservatory Garden after pulling Sphere over settings for Sound Organ and Hemisphere in the Switch
2 CONCRETE ROOM at far right end of Peghead Peghead Motors
3 Magic Mountain Plectrum Plucker
4 Top of Jacktower Potentiometers

Dec. 4:  OK, the SWITCH/HELIX is the critical clue I haven’t used.  Didn’t understand the significance of these when I saw it.  OK, now I know.  Back to the Switch…   set sphere to piano if not already at piano ball in upper right, then, with pull lever again     disappointment:  I’d already set the organ correctly.    Maybe I’ve made an error elsewhere.  Back to check on peghead:   Improved chart.  Tried again.  Did change one setting!   Back to Plectrum.   YES!   Now Black Shirt appears speaking clearly as Kivas.  He tells us he’s tricked us into opening the vaults because he was inside.  Then Gray Shirt and medallion, therefore, presumably Arin, and acting a whole lot nicer, saying more or less the reverse of what Kivas said, and saying we’ve now succeeded in getting Kivas locked in with the money, a fitting fate.   Ah, here’s Arin again where he said he’d be.  And we have finished the adventure!

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