Myst III – Exile – J’Nanin & Amateria



Arrival spot at J’nanin



From Landing Zone w/ Red Turret

This is near this Tusk

pastedGraphic_1.pdf   Across the crater at the center of the island is this Tusk:


For orientation consider Sharp Tusk with in-facing door as NOON.

A –> ladder down –> coastal path –> Light source –> up slightly to Yellow Turret  –> on to Blue — points to Green all the way across (about 2 or 3 o’clock)  –> going counter clockwise to get to it, we come past the stone stair up to Sharp Tusk or down to Stained Glass House –> opening gate lets us in and gives access to other door  –> pushing plunger opens gate to Study containing Desk & Elevator with complex mechanism & weights with colored balls –> TWO DOORS:

–> LEFT bridge to Rabbit Hutch & flower

–> RIGHT –> ladder UP –> halfway is base of Short Tusk pastedGraphic_3.pdf

–> continuing up we get to Yellow Turret –> finally to Purple.  Where’s the blue one???  –> now I’m back at the Green


B –> short bridge –> ladder UP –> Top entrance to Central Tower (Saavedra inside)



Once I’ve got the rainbow light pointing at the entrance, there’s a sequence I need to use to get into Sharp Tusk.



I believe it’s the same sequence as turning on the lights.  So I have to start with Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Red.




Inside the tusk is a Pendulum Puzzle:



Each of the the four balls can be moved to one of eight positions and then the center knob can be pushed.



In the Stained Glass House (Study):





drawings in Saavedra’s journal:



Numbers? in corners of pages (but not second page):

pastedGraphic_9.pdf  pastedGraphic_10.pdf pastedGraphic_11.pdf pastedGraphic_12.pdfpastedGraphic_13.pdfpastedGraphic_14.pdf


Elevator control settings:


pastedGraphic_15.pdf     pastedGraphic_16.pdf


In Atrus’ Study on J’nanin:



4 brown wooden balls = 1 green glass ball:

pastedGraphic_18.pdf pastedGraphic_19.pdf pastedGraphic_20.pdf


Snake Plant and wires have two alternative positions:

A: pastedGraphic_21.pdf    or B: pastedGraphic_22.pdf


In position B, touching crank leads stuff in tube to rise (then falls back again)

In position A, feeds a fly to the Snake Plant


Scale on Atrus’ desk shows another balance:



One brown (steel?) ball  = 4 green glass balls

pastedGraphic_24.pdf             pastedGraphic_25.pdf


Initial pull on handles in elevator bring us up to Saavedra’s space in the Tower.


Setting the controls below the elevator (seen by lifting it from outside the elevator) turns the elevator and allows us entry to where Saavedra is.  We see him use the Releeshahn book and disappear.


Going clockwise around the Tower Upper Room, we find:


An egg-shaped cabinet that we cannot open.


The odd device we earlier saw Saavedra crumple a page and throw it into:


at the bottom of this is a gear:


nearby is a blue push button.  This opens the cabinets to reveal a projection.  Atrus tells us he’s hidden three books.  Then Saavedra interrupts in the video and tells us that he’’s altered the “three symbols” needed to get the device (the one we’re looking at?) to work.   We now see that each “projector” has a symbol and a location on J’nanin.  Each also has a four ball device similar to the one we found in the Sharp Tusk and two controls that move the balls around.





Left handle controls zoom/close-up

Right controls focus

Butterfly.  Where? We’re above a suspended bridge



ok, I’ve got the three focused properly — or at least what should be close enough, but with no obvious effect.  Hmmmm.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:




Better pastedGraphic_32.pdf


I’ll try going back to the machine that has settings like these in the Sharp Tusk.


Just noticed handle that will send elevator back to bottom without me.  I assume this was there before tho I didn’t notice it.  I think I’ll check this.  Not much use to me now, since I have no way to leave here other than by the elevator, but probably will be later.


Found book on floor of Top of Tower, but appears identical to one I found previously in Study at base of tower.  Odd.  Oh, I see, it just adds a couple pages at the beginning of the book.


Symbol in corner of new first page:


No effect when try moving balls to positions found when focusing in Top of Tower.  Hmmmm.



By moving barrel around to get into the Tusk by the Sea, I can get in.  Then (with help of a hint that the hole must be filled in with something) I can get to the device and YES, the settings shown on the appropriate “projector” work to bring the basket with a linking book down to me!







Three alternatives at Arrival to Amateria (in Pagoda)

A –> Down ladder to lower level pastedGraphic_35.pdf

-> over stone pylons and through shoots to this device: pastedGraphic_36.pdf


B –>  Up the Shoot  pastedGraphic_37.pdf

–> Cube Puzzle  – pastedGraphic_38.pdf Must be solved to proceed.  (Need clues from other locations).  Clearly there are two more of these further down.



C –> Walkway to another Pagoda…and on to Cavernous Rooms:



and down stone stairs.

Left  –> wooden plank walkway.  Area with various controls:


…to outer path of island … to room where balls are constructed:


Right –> to elevator to level of chute ball rolls down:pastedGraphic_42.pdf




Further on, through cave (note that there appears to be a platform pastedGraphic_43.pdf  pastedGraphic_44.pdfin here that may be reachable)…


…can mount Chute system, near Center House:



6 directions, calling this view “A”, 0 degrees

Going clockwise :


Note: pictures here of Spinners are not set correctly in the table.


These clearly related to Control found by going up rock ladder found in cave.pastedGraphic_46.pdf



Attempting to solve without going back and forth between control and ramps failed…because sequence is discovered via watching what happens as solve each individual component.  


The tokens are in the same order as the rotating Arrow Spinners at each location.


Each spinner needs to be set to its correct sound, I figure:

        1. buzzing: I love pais-ley I love PAIS-ley
        2. low-flying single engine plane
        3. deep low motor running, clear and then fading: a-rum, a-rum, a-rum, a-rum
        4. 3-legged troops on the march: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.  or 6/8: 1-2-3-4-5-6
        5. buzzing electronic device buzz-uzuz-uzuz uh-zuz-uh-zuz, buzz-uzuz-uzuz uh-zuz-uh-zuz


Sound matters, but not sure how.  The sounds do differ based on the lights, but they seem to be the order I put them in simply based on their location.  Will need to investigate this further.  (Turns out to be less crucial than expected.)


Right hand column is correct sequence (determined by setting the arrow in the order they pass through the gates in the Control).


B 60 degrees pastedGraphic_47.pdf 2nd one:

setting it to position 2 works

C 120  degrees pastedGraphic_48.pdf 4th
D 180 degrees pastedGraphic_49.pdf 1st one: setting it to position 1 turned it off
E 240


pastedGraphic_50.pdf 3rd one:

set to position 3

F 300 pastedGraphic_51.pdf 5th one: set to 5



Only F leads out.  It leads back to A Ladder

    Between symbol and A ladder:

        –> to Sea Building Gate and this Device:



appears related to “Dart boards” at each location  –>



    calling the spot of the initial red dot Right 1 and going clockwise, L 2 & 3 +  R 1 produces sends the ball to the house, seems to build a segment of the ramp and displays this:

pastedGraphic_53.pdf  could this be the solution to the hexagon puzzle next to the Arrival Pagoda? 


More pages:




One ramp (the one immediately counterclockwise if standing at crossroads facing Central Building), leads other than back to start.  Has Yellow pointer/spinner.  There’s something interesting along this path:



This leads me back to original starting point, direction A, ladder.



Balance beam and balls possibilities:


Position of Beam:






2G  2S crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
2G  2W rolls onto trough and crashes there crashes under trough runs across and crashes
2G   1S    1W crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
1G   2S     1W crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
1G   2W     1S crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
0G   2W     2S crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
1G   2S     1W crashes under trough crashes under trough runs across and crashes
1G rolls onto trough and crashes there rolls onto trough and crashes there runs across and crashes
1W rolls onto trough and crashes there rolls onto trough and crashes there runs onto trough and crashes there
1S rolls onto trough and crashes there rolls onto trough and crashes there runs across and crashes



Test ball is 7 wood 1 glass.  1 glass = 4 wood.

If W = 1, total is then 11


Ball to be built is already 4 W.  So remainder must be = 7


Steel = 4 Glass so just one of these would be 16 Wood


One Glass = 4, so would need 3 wood, but only have 2.


Hmmm.  Don’t see any alternatives.


Book implies leaving one or more spaces blank on ball.  Trying just using one of each.

Glass, Steel, Wood:


Coming back after exploring and solving the third control tower:


Trip back to J’Nanin reveals:


2 on the short  = 1 on the long.

heavy balls crash down immediately as tube lifts up in fulcrum in position L & C

heavy balls slide across the slide to crash on the roof in fulcrum in position R

light balls land on the slide and crash on what I believe is their way up the slide in all three fulcrum positions.


Result from solving Control 2 (found mostly by trial and error):




Solution to Balance Slide puzzle using clues in J’Nanin study:



Next puzzle on Amaterra




close? it?  YES!  Start with BLUE


Back to J’Nanin


Re-checking second “projector,”  this gives the correct alignment:

or maybe:

pastedGraphic_63.pdf   On to Votaic


Trying: pastedGraphic_64.pdf



(Didn’t realize I hadn’t solved getting into this tusk. )  


Now trying.  Yes!  Got it.

On to Edanna

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