Myst IV Revelations Control Panel

The first task is to figure out how the Main Control Panel works.  The puzzlers made it so that it would be quite difficult to do the right thing just by randomly pushing buttons.  On the other hand, you learn about the panel by playing with it.  It has a very specific way of working.   

Clearly separate each set of buttons/switches from each other by seeing what each one does.  If you already know what you’re trying to achieve and have figured out how the buttons work, go for it and ignore the rest of these hints.

If not, keep these things in mind:

1.  Like all Myst games, the designers try to make it so that you’re not completely screwed if you start fiddling with something and don’t remember where it was when you started.  In this case, one of the buttons/levers solves this problem.

2.  Despite all it’s clicking, it doesn’t function exactly like a typewriter or computer keypad.

3.  The top row of keys and the bottom row have a simple but specific relationship to each other and to what’s lit above.  You need to under this relationship to solve the problem.

4.  Unlike a keypad, you have to do something extra to make your clicks “count.”

Try it for a while.  If you get too frustrated, go on to the next page.



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