Losing My Religion, concluded

I’m on a fading memory kick, not of my own memory, but of the collective memory. So I began to doubt:  Would there be young adults who wouldn’t know what a Corvette is?  I remember sitting in my brother’s green Corvette as he got it up to near 135 on the desert somewhere around Las Vegas towards Barstow.  Ah, I remember it fondly.    But I should rest assured, Corvettes won’t quickly  fade from the culture.


But, back to subject at hand, for the sake of full disclosure I must acknowledge that God hath chosen to take revenge on me in a particularly ironic way.  So I can go right ahead and doubt His existence, but His peculiar sense of humor will always remind me of His presence.  Amen.


Anyway, I felt I had to tell the end of the story whether I liked to or not.



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