Act Out at the Hooker-Dunham! — June 6 — 7:30 PM

To the southern New England theater community:  Announcing Act Out!

The idea of it being something like a jam session for actors (and directors).   The idea is for different groups and individuals to present material they’re working on to to an audience (open to the public) of other actors, directors, etc.   The first night I’m trying this is Friday, June 6 (the Gallery Walk Night preceding the Strolling of the Heifers the next day) at 7:30.  

Here’s the idea:  You choose what you want to perform and let me know how long a slot you want to do it.  It can be as short as a two-minute monologue to as long as a 20-minute scene (including the time to set anything you want to use in the scene).   Though each group or individual will have an assigned slot, we’ll all support each other by being audience when not on.   The whole thing will be two hours maximum.   I’m not doing any “selecting.”   Whoever signs up gets a slot until the two hours are filled.

Want to try a monologue you want to use for auditions?  Fine.  Working on a scene of a play that you’d like to perform before an audience to see how it works?  Cool!  (Off book, please.  Scenes should have worked up and rehearsed before performing them.)   You’ve written something original and want to see it acted?  Terrific!   Want to try an improv?  Why not?  It’s up to you.   I’m sure there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in my philosophy!  The only criteria is that you honestly feel that the work has merit and will be interesting for an audience to see.  

We may even try a short improvisational piece in which anyone  can participate if they choose to.

Everyone, actors, directors, audience, whoever, will be asked to chip in 5 bucks to the kitty to help cover costs of running the theater (lights, electricity, phone, etc.).

 Wanna play?     My only “requirement” is that once you commit to doing a slot that you stick to it and that you understand that your participation as audience for others is as important as your participation on stage!





Act Out!  — Community Theater in Brattleboro


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