Announcing Version 1.0

Rarely do you hear something proudly touted as “Version 1.0.”  I remember being told “never buy the first model of anything.”  I defied this dictum and bought a Dodge Omni in 1978.  (If you don’t know me, yes, I’m that old!)  A mechanic, who’d been able virtually to earn a living on the costs of repairing my car alone, said to me: “They call it an Omni because they got every part from a different country.”  He wasn’t kidding either, everything seemed like it came from somewhere different and had been put together by someone who didn’t know very much about cars.

So defying the dictum of never call anything 1.0, that’s what this is Version 1.0, the first incomplete, if also completely imperfect, version of my writings, Reflections in a Cracked Glass.

Oh, I’ll keep writing, but I feel a sense of completeness, of having touched the bases I wanted to, with the addition of the essays on socialism, and on the role of trajectory in artistic creativity.

If you’re new to this site, pick an essay and see where it takes you.

Gianni  Rutchik

 long time admirer of Kilgore Trout