Bloomsday in Brattleboro is Going Live, Tuesday, June 16 @ 7PM

BLOOMSDAY 2020 is all set for Live-Streaming to YouTube!

In true James Joycean tradition, in  a struggle to contend with the new normal – or at least what’s normal as of this post, BLOOMSDAY in BRATTLEBORO happening this Tuesday, June 16, from 7 to 9 PM (the live-stream will start at 6:45 for the “audience” to get comfortable.  Snacks are advised.

The show is not intended for children, Young children will simply not understand it all, but it does contain sexual content.

It has been an amazing experience to put this together. 16 actors all zooming from all sizes and shapes of internet devices in from their homes, adding a little music and some images, and pumping it over to a Live-stream on YouTube has been a wild but exciting ride.

We’re only a few days away. Lots of people have signed up wanting to see it.

If your seeing this and are curious about the show, the Hooker-Dunham Theater’s website will have the latest information on accessing it. It’s entirely free.

So go to to get info or get to the link to the  Live-Stream!





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