Check out Flat St. Rising!

If you’re in southern Vermont, this coming Gallery Walk (first Friday each month) will feature a street fair we’re calling Flat St. Rising! to commemorate the one year anniversary since Tropical Storm Irene devastated our area. Samirah Evans will sing a song she wrote about her home town, New Orleans, and it’s recovery from Katrina with proceeds going to flood relief in Vermont. The group I’m in the Buzzards Brass Band will make our usual racket.

The purpose is to draw attention of youth to cool after-school stuff available to them. Like the one I’m involved with In-Sight Photography Project, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Brattleboro, the New England Youth Theatre, the Open Music Collective, and the Brattleboro Music Center, and many more.

This is the first time in my life I tried organizing something on this scale and hopefully I will have learned my lesson and not try it again, though there’s talk of making it an annual event. Sounds great! But next time I don’t have to coordinate it!