Hints not Answers – NYT Crossword Sun Aug 25

“Capital L’s”, eh.   As usual, one must pay close attention to the title.  What else do we find if we look over the grid and all the clues quickly?  What’s unusual about the “long” answers.   Usually these hold the theme answers, but they’re not as attractive as usual for the source of what holds the puzzle together.

Ok.  The what about these clues that don’t seem to be normal clues at all.   What are they telling us?  You know what Einstein and Camus have in common, yes?  No, e=mc squared wasn’t part of existentialism.   They share something far more common than that!

Now, let’s once you figure one of those non-clue clues out, you’re left with a some spaces with no idea what goes in them, right?   Look back at the title of the puzzle.  It isn’t “Capital L”, is it?

As every Sunday, 10 non-theme-related hints:

1.  19. – Across Rossini’s William Tell and others:  There are a couple of types of musical works that could fit in here, but don’t let them fool you.  Think vocal range.

2.  21-Across Lump in one’s throat:  think literally, not figuratively, but don’t try to get rid of this with a heimlich maneuver, it won’t be appreciated.

3.  47-Across Putting out on an anniversary, maybe:  You should be ashamed of yourself for what you thought this clue meant!   Puh-lease, this is the NYT, not Brandon Emmett Quigley!   It’s much tamer than that!

4.  96-Down Markdown markers:  2 words and the first one does NOT end in S.

5.  123-Across Emergency Broadcasting System opening:   This are the words you want to hear.  I didn’t hear them once after the “This is the Emergency Broadcasting System…” and I just about jumped out of my skin!

6. 1-Down Goes down:  Think ocean.

7.  96-Across Darwin stopping point:   Yeh, this little stop-off pretty much changed biology forever.  Think turtles, big turtles.

8, 132-Across Jerks:  Or, things  you may need to give a little jerk  to

9.  91-Across Apple line: Don’t try biting into these apples!

10.  112-Down Year the emperor Claudius was born:   He was Roman, yes, but his numerals aren’t in this answer.





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