How this site is designed to work for you

I don’t assume you’ll instantly go from struggling through an early-in-the-week puzzle to being able to sail though them by reading these hints and tips.   The idea here is only to make progress.   So each day I give a few hints that might help you with an answer you were struggling with and make the process more fun.

The idea here is to avoid just telling you straight out what the answer is.   There a lot better alternatives to mine, easily googled, once you’ve stopped trying to solve the puzzle yourself and just want to know what an answers or what all the answers are.

I give a few hints a day.   An occasional tip.  I do repeat myself because I can see how many folks are finding this site for the first time or coming back to it.  So you will sometimes say to yourself, “yeh, he already said that” or “I’ve known that factoid forever,”  but, forgive me, not everyone does.   But over time, you’ll find your facility increase.  You’ll see you’re solving more of the puzzle yourself and that’s always a good feeling!   That’s the idea.

I hope to also give you an occasional chuckle.

And it’s designed with the thought that you’ll sometimes poke around and read what else I’ve written on “myriad and sundry” topics.

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