Internet-induced Hyperactive Depression Syndrome

We’re fond of saying that we live in a world in which everything is instant, but it’s not really true.   The world of computers and cell phones is a stop and start world.   We’re constantly pushing a button and waiting for a response and then pushing another button and waiting for a response.  Constantly.  It’s not so much instant as sporadic.  The internet, in its 2013 incarnation, is not a world of instantaneity.  It is a world of clicks and waits, and click again.  It demands our attention in a hurky-jurkey way, pulling us from pillar to post, from trivial to profound in a click and back again to trivial in another.

At the same time that it’s amazingly fast, the internet and mobile devices slice time like a broken second hand of a wristwatch.

Is it a wonder we’re all either hyperactive or depressed, or both at once?







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