Mon Jan 21 NYT Crossword Hints & Tips

Hi Xword fans!  Monday’s the day I put in the most tips for those just getting started on NYT crosswords.  Monday’s the easiest of the week building up to Saturday (Sunday’s bigger but its clues are about Wednesday/Thursday level.)

Monday puzzles always have “themes.”  The long clues have something in common.  In this case, we’re talking about 17-, 25-, 34-,  50-, and 59-Across.  In this case it’s just kind of a “cute” word play, nothing fancy, but once you get one of these, you’ll see the pattern for the others.

Dynasty vixen:  The first 4 letters of this woman’s name is usually a man’s name…or a woman’s

Whole bunch:  No, not a TON, but close

Soccer star Mia’s meats?:  Or what Mia does if she overacts?

Sgt. for one:  A very common xword answer.  3 letters.  Remember that sgts don’t go to officer training school.


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