Mon Jan 28 Brendan Emmett Quigley Puzzle

For NYT Monday fans, go down to the blog entry below this one…

BEQ gives us a challenging puzzle each Monday.   This one isn’t authored by him, but by guest puzzle creators, the young marvels  Joel Fagliano and Caleb Madison.

Themeless, as always.

Discovery channel programming block that included ‘Ocean of Fear’:  Thinks orcas not global warning

Topic for Alan Turing:  I thought only English people pluralized this word.   Well, Alan Turing was English, so I guess it’s ok.

“Schnellboot” of WWII:  And you thought those nasty Nazis only used one kind of boat, when, in fact, they were, way ahead of the game, letter-wise.

National Federation of Independent Businesses vs. Sibelius matter:  And what was the big issue in the last election?

Mythical inventor of the kithara,  Kithara an early spelling of Guitar.  Here’s the inventor:  Erato w kithara

Her name sounds like a mistake, but poets love her anyway.

Inner weirdness, metaphorically:  Thing 1960’s.  Think of flying.



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