Need a challenging Monday puzzle?

Maybe Monday NYT crosswords are over and done too quickly to satisfy your need to feel like a know-nothing idiot?  Brendan Emmet Quigley happily solves this problem by providing a Monday puzzle that’s nearly always challenging.  He’s likely to throw in a current slang or hip hop clue that will make you feel old (if you are old), a sports clue that’ll make you feel like a nerd and a nerd clue that’ll make you feel you aren’t nerdy enough!  Lot’s of fun.  Occasionally he violates the “Don’t cross two rare names/words” rule, but usually even the most obscure answer is deducible (though not deductible, I’m afraid).  He isn’t as “Sunday morning family breakfast” G-Rated as the NYT, but never really in bad taste.  I highly recommend his site: