NYT Crossword Hints (NOT answers) Sun Aug 4 Should I call the repairman?

Theme:  Pretty straightforward this Sunday:  Long answers have a relatively “normal” answer (not necessarily a well-known phrase) that could have a second meaning fitting the title.


10 Specific hints

1.  114-Across Essays:  Think verb, not noun

2. 7-Down China setting:  Not the kind of china you eat on

3. 28-Down Right leaning: Don’t think politically

4. 62-Down Hung some strips:  Go for it, you DIY folks;  think guest bedroom

5. 79-Down “Uh-huh, sure”: 2 words; disbelief, not agreement

6. 107-Down Echidna food:  They especially like the chocolate covered ones

7, 113-Across Comes down hard:  Think weather, not scolding

8. 14-Down Part of a honeymoon suite, perhaps:  The best part, some would say

9. 108-Acroos Curling instrument:  Think winter olympics, not beauty salon

10. 86-Down Dinner in a can:  Not recommended by Cooks Country

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