NYT Crossword Hints not Answers Sun Sep 8

Sorry for the late posting…had to go down to NYC today….

Theme:   The title (Bumper cars) can be taken pretty literally today.   This is a “don’t over-think it” situation.   Just a series of a particular category of nouns strung together to form a phrase (not a common phrase this time) that literally fits the pun (“?” in the clue = pun )

10 specific hints

1.  1-Across Fix:  Think cats and dogs, not objects

2.  25-Down Time piece:  Don’t think watch.

3.  80-Down Rule: Think verb

4.  12-Down Ready for a frat party:   Think Animal House (btw:  It’s one word, not two)

5. 90-Down Very Blue: Don’t think color

6. 101-Down Opposite of brilliance:  Don’t think bright light

7.  102-Down Split:  Think tongue

8. 57-Down Non-kosher lunch orders, for short:  Think diner

9.  59-Down Playground retort:  3 words

10.  71-Down Speak pigeon?:   Speak love.


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