NYT Crossword Hints, not Answers Sun Sept 29

Theme:  Long clues all end in question marks, so they’ve got to be puns.   New Englanders (note the title of the puzzle) are renowned for what?  No, not lobsters, you can’t overhear them without getting your eayah bit off.

10 specific clues

1.  32-Down Clutch,e.g.:  Think accessory, not stick shift

2. 4-Down Draw:  Think verb, not noun

3.  60-Down Green spot:  Not Eden, but it would definitely look like paradise to those who find it

4.  69-Down “True”:  only 6 letters, but three words

5.  68-Across Delicate first-date topic:  Yeh, this could easily make one’s first date one’s last date, especially nowadays

6.  83-Across Ball game:  The balls are the definitely the game

7.  119-Across Medicine for a narcoleptic:   A “paradoxical” drug often given to the obstreperous

8. 78-Down Sight at many a barbecue:  Do these things really do any good?

9.  10-Down Group in a 1955 merger:  Not the kind of merger that pleases Wall St.

10.  114-Down They may improve in crunch time:  This one could have a question mark after it.  We’re not talking about deadlines here.

Enjoyed my clues?  Check out my essay on amateur creativity.




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