NYT Crossword Hints – Sun, Oct 13, 2013 – Taken to Task

A little late today, sorry fans.  Some things took priority over puzzles last night and today, but here we go.

Theme:  Well, it’s the circled letters that really holds a pretty loose theme together this time.   Note that there are question marks following clues to the long answers, so no puns or word play here, just a series of answers loosely related to the theme identified by the the circles.   Don’t take it too seriously, it’s really just a myth!

10 specific clues:

1.  1-Across:  Treats, a a bow:  Think violin

2.  2-Across:  Org. for lab safety:  No, not a chem lab.   This lab is often black.

3.  28-Across Metaphor for obsolesce:  The clue’s misleading.   More a metaphor for what happens to you if you get in the way of human expansionism.

4.  104-Down: H H H H.  There being four of them doesn’t matter.  Think Greek.

5.  62-Down: It’s a challenge:  Three words

6.  74-Down: Little confabs:  You’ll have to put your heads together to solve this one

7.  95-Down Sweater’s line:  Note the question mark (means it’s a bit of joke).   Two words.  Doesn’t have anything to do with either gyms or clothes.

8.  93-Down Actually:  Two words, two Latin words

9.  59-Down Helen Keller…:  It could do what she couldn’t

10.  80-Down Main line:  This one could have a question mark after it;  Think body, not transportation.


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