NYT Sunday Crossword Hints – Jan 5, 2014 – Clued In

Nothing very mysterious about the theme this week.  Only hint here is to note that the “solution,”  i.e. who committed the crime in what place by what means, is to be figured out in the lower right hand box.   Obviously, it’s a bit help if remember a little bit of the board game “Clue.”  Otherwise it’s just a matter of filling in enough of the crossing clues to figure it out.

Here are a few hints to specific clues:

Across clues:

21.  What you can bring up:  2 words; one of the two is an article.

27.  Part of Caesar’s boast:  And what did he see?

31. Textile tool:  well, you wouldn’t want your rug to be all bumpy, would you?

btw:  Once you get 42-across, if you didn’t know it before, make a note of it;  this is a very common xword clue

67.  Bloody Mary stirrer:  Picture a Bloody Mary:  What do you see that you could stir it with?  What a great drink:  all your vegetable needs and sobriety-relief in a convenient package.

94.  Opening for a dermatologist:  Not a prefix, as you might think;  think literally


80.  Cartoony clubs:  Well, old comic strips and early cartoons, mostly.  The club here is the kind of thing you could use as a 1-across, not an organization.

82.  “Uh, definitely.”  How many times do I have to say it?  Twice, apparently.

86.  E-commerce site:  Nope, not EBAY, but close

75.  Captain’s last order:  Do they really still go down with the boat?  I don’t think so.

76.  “Gay” city:  Yeh, sometimes this word doesn’t tell you about sexual orientation.

83.  “Brave New World” drug:  There’s a muscle relaxant that’s called this also.   Enough, time to let relax and let my pod take over…


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