Reflections’ NYT Sunday Crossword Hints, not Answers Aug 11

Theme:  A fairly standard Sunday theme:  Wordplay where something’s added (as the title tells us) to each answer.  It’s the same something each time, though not in the same place in each theme answers.  As is normal with this kind of puzzle, removed the “extra satisfaction” and you have a moderately common phrase.  My favorite was 62-across, but you might see if you can get enough down clues to get 26-across.  Once you’ve solved one, you’ve got the theme which should make the rest of the solving a lot easier.

Ten specific hints:

1.  52-Across Exciting matches?:  Or, Fruit from trees at the oasis

2.  85-Across 1986 Rock autobiography:  2 words with a comma in between

3. 106-Across Close to losing it: 3 words…don’t fall off!

4. 8-Down “Whole” thing: Could have been clued The whole _________.   Ever eat too much Mexican food?  Then you really won’t believe you at the whole _____!

5. 64-Down Trump, for one:  Think celebs, not cards

6. 81-Down Historic exhibit…Dulles airport:  I thought this was in the Smithsonian.  Maybe it used to be.  2 words that made an awfully big bang.

7. 92-Across Cover, in a way:  Or, how you might describe a strap to hold a gun across the chest rather than the waist?   I guess that’s pretty weak.  Think furniture, not lies or clothing.

8. 13-Down Prepares to eat, perhaps:  Think of from the perspective or a farmer, not a diner.

9. 35-Down Game for those who don’t like to draw:  Thing card games, not barroom shoot-outs

10.  71-Across Total:  Thing “complete,” not summing up





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