NYT Sunday Crossword Hints – Nov. 17, 2013 – Vowel Play

Well, the theme isn’t particularly challenging this week and is helpful once you get it.  As usual, do a reasonable amount of filling in non-theme answers and the theme will begin to come into focus.   The title is quite literally what’s going on.  The order of the theme-based letters does vary from theme answer to theme answer, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward.  Not particularly awesome, but, oh well.

38-Down, though long, is not connected to the theme (and, by the way, it really should have a question mark at the end to show it’s a bit of word play).

Specific hints:

25-Across – Spin, of a sort:  Think politics, not orbs

33-Across – Having failed to ante up, say:  3 words

34-Across – Italian tourist destination in the Mediterranean:  not so popular with a particular Frenchman

46-Across – Medium for body art:  One less letter than a TATTOO and a lot easier to remove!

63-Across – Post production locale?:  Note the question mark.   Remember that the first work of a clue could be a word that’s capitalized even when it isn’t the first word of a clue

58-Doan – Got back to, in a way:  There’d be an apostrophe in this if you could put one in a crossword

107-Across – American alternative:  Don’t think airline or country

94-Down – History or biography:  or film noir

8-Down – ” …___ quit” : Only 3 letters, but 2 words

76-Down – “Almighty” item, abbr.:  Well, it ain’t gonna be so almighty very long if our government keeps playing brinkmanship!





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