Sat Dec 29 NYT Crossword Hints

Ok, it’s Saturday.  So no theme, no gimmes, at least one long clue that you don’t know.  So how ’bout some hints?

Sports org. of 1967-76:  It’s maybe the most commonly known league that got absorbed, along with some of it’s rules, into a current profession sports org.

Word of logic:  Boolean logic, that is

Bygone theory of astronomy:  Well, Copernicus sure set him straight!  Besides he even spells his name funny.  And he wasn’t even from Brno or one of those other places that hate vowels.

Blanket:  Think covering a lot, but not necessarily keeping you warm at night.

Hideous one:  It might help you to know that this is a kind of weak answer.  I don’t think anyone ever actually refers to someone who’s hideous using this word

Obituary word:  Not just obituaries use this word in announcing events in the newspaper

“Ugly Betty” actress:  A lot more famous for her exploits on something other than the silver screen

One-seat carriage:  Or what if a slap-stick actor married the world’s oldest comedian.