Sat. Dec. 8 NY Times Crossword Hints

As usual for Saturday.   If you’re knew to trying the NY Times crosswords, Saturday is the cruelest day of all.  Relatively speaking this one is in the “approachable” range.  (I always do the puzzle before blogging it, but I don’t blog my experience and I don’t provide answers.  The idea is try to give a hint that doesn’t completely give away the answer. Here goes:

1-across  A Flat alternative:  Here’s an answer that’s quite literal, musically.  Musician or not, think about what you know about musical scales.  What comes before “A,” not Z, but…

7-across   Like alibis and stomachs:  (Nice one!):  2 words, literally a short phrase applied to both alibis and stomachs.

15-across Green wheels:  Not a brand name of a vehicle;  think more generically

16-across Oscar-nominated player of Sonny Wortzik:  Don’t let the last name fool you, you know both the actor and the role he’s famous for; 2 words

18-across Telephone connectors: 2 words;  often used by large corporations

25-across Rich sources of vitamin K:  Is it my imagination, or do all things that are good for you taste terribly bitter?

27-across Use ta Be My Girl:  Well, I though it was Elvis Costello, but he didn’t fit;  Think R&B, not rap.

51-across Wings:  Not the kind you use to fly with

54-across Woman who’s hard to reach:  That’s (the clue) is putting it mildly!

60-across Like some martinis:  Vermouthophobia!

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