Sun Apr 28 NYT Crossword Hints – Soft T’s

A little late getting to the puzzle today, but, as promised, hints by noon.

Fairly straightforward wordplay for the theme clues here.  Nothing fancy.  Could be titled “Speech impediment” but obviously that wouldn’t be politically correct.  A very simple switch turns common phrases into long across answers that literally mean what the clue says.    As is often the case, get one of them and you’ll be set knowing the same “trick” will be used in all of the long acrosses.

10 Specific clue hints (I’ll go mostly for down clues, so to help more with the long acrosses):

(All down):

39 – New releases?:  Think prison, not CDs

47- Plows leave them:  So do worries.

59- Show polite interest in: 2 words;  The “interest in” here is in someone who is not the person you’re talking with.

87- Late finisher: 2 words; Think horse race

38- Sidewalk cafe sight:  If the person at the sidewalk cafe has an fancy drink like a Mai Tai, you’d might have one of these under a much bigger one of these.

19- Lacking meat:  No, not vegan.  Think of physique, not food.

13- Trouser fabric:  I’ve worn these for years not realizing the word referred to their fabric rather than their color.  As my hint indicates, commonly pluralized, though singular here.

97- Cabinet members?:  Note the question mark (indicates that it’s a “joke” of some kind) and think of an office, not government meetings.

1- Elementary school group?:  Not the three R’s, but similar

35- E Equivalent:  Think musical scale.   Sometimes notes, depending on the key of the music, get named unusually.  This one is rarely seen, but one often sees this kind of thing in a puzzle (probably because it person who wrote the puzzle needed it to make things work puzzle wise).    For example, you’ll occasionally see B Sharp, which is far more commonly called C.   For your edification, these are called “enharmonic”:   A B-Sharp and a C sound exactly alike, but may be named this way by score writers under certain circumstances.

Enjoy your Sunday puzzle!





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