Sun Feb 17 NYT Crossword Hints – Mark My Words

Theme:  Ok, we’re looking for some kind of mark…They’re where you’d expect them:  In the long answers (though, admittedly, the long answers are, for a Sunday, relatively short…

Remember that when things don’t seem to fit where they should, there might be more than one letter in a square

And not all such squares are created equal.

And the things that go in the squares are, if you’re doing the puzzle on a computer, are right there under your fingers.   (by the way, Across Lite, wants letters, not something else.)

And 76-Down isn’t a theme answer at all.  72-Down, however, is a theme answer.

10 specific hints

65-Across – Thor’s domain:  Not a where but a what.   What is it that Thor, with his might hammer, controls?

101-Across – It might come out in the wash:  Out, damned spot.  (No, that’s from 33-Down Source of “what’s done is done”)  But other things than dirt, hopefully, come out as well.

116-Across – Had a senior moment.  I’m sure I can remember this answer.  Shoot, I just ______ on it.

119-Across – Work from a folder:  No not the kind of folder you put papers in, though paper is definitely involved in this.

114-Across – Relatively inexpensive wrap:  No, not the kind of wrap you put around a half-eaten fruit, but at least PETA won’t be after you if you do put it on.

109-Down – Plot:  No, not like a movie.   Not an acre, either, but that’s closer.

100-Across – China and environs:  2 words

96-Down – Opportunity creator:  Opportunity would be capitalized here even if it weren’t the first word.

49-Down – Car radio button:  Think cars in the last decade or so, old car radios didn’t have this feature.

35-Down – Ginger feature:  No, not the kind of ginger you eat with your sushi or spice up your food with (or listen to on your iPod either), though this ginger might go to your head all the same.


And a final hint that’s a theme answer:

15-Down – One of the usual suspects?:  Don’t think Kevin Spacey (even if you have been watching House of Cards)  This suspect is very two-dimensional and his choices of weapon and place to commit the murder are very finite, too.






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