Sun Jun 9 NYT Crossword HINTS – Fast One

Not a particular interesting theme.  A quick scan of the clues (something I always suggest for themed puzzles; i.e. all NYT puzzles except Friday and Saturday) you’ll see a series of clues relating to the same thing.    If you know nothing at all about this particular thing, the puzzle will be far harder to solve.  Not much of a hint I can except to say that what made all those magazine covers in 64-across could also be clued:  “Former Soviet Union political organ.” and that 46-Down is, aptly, three words.

Specific hints:

18-Across One of several Louises:  Think Louis not Louise

80-Down Certain templegoer:  Think fraternal organization like Elks, not religious group

79-Down Baloney:  No, can’t eat it.   Think dudes talking to each other

42-Across Like some Braten:   Just like some? You mean there’s a sweet version of this?  I never knew.

60-Across Raw meat dish:  Raw meat and a raw egg.   Not for the food safety conscious!

52-Across Star in the Swan constellation:  Could be cued as “Star that keeps showing up in puzzles and I can never remember what it is.”  Keep in mind that 4-Down and 33-Down are close cousins in that they are formed the same way.   This may help you get the last letter of this star’s name.  Once you get it, put it in your memory banks somewhere, it’s sure to come up again.

108-Across Units of force:   Who knew figs had this kind of power?

79-Across Stereotypical neighbors:  Since everybody’s trying to keep up with them, who are they trying to keep up with?  The Smith’s?

22-Across Slightest idea:   Almost always used in the negative, as in “I don’t have a(n)  ________.”   Is this what you don’t have when your pen runs dry?




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