Sun Mar 3 NYT Crossword Hints – Seven Blurbs for Seven Biographies

The theme:  As always, take a close look at the title.  So, seven themed answers and that are plays on words related to titles of biographies?  Well, as often happens, that’s a little misleading.    Yes about the seven long answers, but they aren’t exactly biographies.   There’s something else going on here.  I’d suggest going for 73-Across first.

Let’s focus on the first three and last four letters of 73-Across by checking out the down clues that cross them.

58-Down Receiving stats:  Straightforward if you know anything about football.   There are two possibilities, this stat is the one that gets you the big bucks…and the points.   Don’t know anything about football?  Ok, then it’s three letters and the plural aspect is important and not misleading.

49-Down Pale:  Or:  The campfire/fireplace after the fire’s gone out.

44-Down Falco of “Nurse Nancy”: Or: of Fargo

Check out the beginnings of the other six long acrosses and think about the title of the puzzle…and about book titles in general.   See a pattern?

Now check out the last four letters of 73-Across.

69-Down Take aboard a spaceship, maybe:  Remember when ETs were wonderful, friendly types.  The one’s taking you on this trip aren’t being nice to you.

63-Down Plastic casing for some pills:  How many times have you wondered whether this type of packaging isn’t just to protect your kids, it’s to stop you from opening the damn package!

64-Down Donnybrook:  I thought a donnybrook was an awful defeat, like Napoleon at Waterloo.  This answer is more commonly defined as “a confused struggle,” like a barroom brawl.

65-Down Fargo’s partner:  Forget the Coen brothers on this one and think banking.

Look at the clue again.  They’re not talking about Hillary here.

All the long acrosses follow this same patterning, and no, they aren’t biographies, just titles with a bit of wordplay thrown in to keep it interesting.

Good luck!


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