Tue Jan 1 NYT Crossword Hints & Tips

Theme:  23-across + 51-across –   presidential order signed Jan. 1, 1863.   All you need to do is think about what was going on at the time in history.  (which is tied, obviously, to 18-across, etc.)  In this puzzle, I’d definitely suggest trying to get as many of the paired clues as early in the puzzle as you can.  Many are easy to figure out and this will help with some of the tougher clue/answer combos that cross the long answers.

Disclosure to a loan applicant:  Take note that it’s to not from the applicant, so not SSN but…

Acquired with little or no effort:  2 words

TV’s Sue _____ Langdon:  She must have watched too much TV to spell her middle name rite.

“Holy Toledo” & “It’s f-f-freezing”:  Remember that clues in quotes generally mean answers that one hears or says, but may not be real words.

Rickover known as the father of the navy:  I wonder if his naval career was spawned by the teasing he got in school about his first name!