Tues. Dec. 11 NYT Crossword Hints

Theme, 35-across Figure associated with eight answers in this puzzle:

First, I have to admit I didn’t see the commonality until after I had most of the squares of 35-across filled by down clues.   Then I did a definite “Doh!”   Just one hint: The answer to 24-across (High-stepping horse) should have been a dead giveaway.   You may have some trouble getting 46- across until you get the theme, unless you know a lot of German.

Havana beauty, maybe:  Remember a foreign city might not signal a foreign language answer; 2 words

“Good as done”: 3 words

Somewhat: 2 words

Sexually attractive woman — another example of an answer/clue combination you’ve seen recently in NY Times’ puzzles.

Illusory pictures — think museum