Tues. Dec 18 NYT Crossword Hints

Diamond Feat

Notice the “theme clue” at 68-across.  If you’re not a baseball-ite, there are only a few things in this category:  a couple are done by pitchers, where less is more and there is such a thing as perfection.  In fielding, remember how many outs can be made in an inning and a “feat” would have to be a special way of getting these outs.  In batting, a home run isn’t a “feat” unless the bases are loaded.  It’s gotta be one of these three that will tie together the long clues (specified in 58-across).  In fact, most fans wouldn’t consider the accomplishment in the answer wouldn’t consider the answer really a “feat” because it happens so frequently.

BTW:  While getting 58-across will help with some of the indicated clues, I’m personally a bit confounded about how it relates to 17-across and 47-across.

Memo starter:  One of the most common xword puzzle clues.  If you don’t know this one, you should check out my list of common crossword clues.  These come up over and over again in Mon, Tues, & Weds. Times crossword.  Think legal documents.

Curt summons:  Think Junior High School teacher

Curmudgeonly cries:  Thing Dickens

Bickering: Another popular early-week answer.  If you don’t know it, learn it now for re-use in future puzzles.

Wonderland Cake instruction:  another one to remember.  2 words.  How much we would have missed had Alice hesitated to follow these instructions!

1950’s initial:  Another frequently repeated answer.  He tried, but never one the big prize, unlike DDE and RMN


Clears: Think $, not blackboard

Wing it: 2 words

Cans:  Think “fires” not tins.