Where are the flying cars that were supposed to be ubiquitous by now?

It was Wednesday afternoon, or was it Sunday?  A small cup was out of place.   It was not in any immediate danger.  It was under the armchair.  I put it there, but it nevertheless wasn’t where it should be.

But what me started me to look at the odd juxtaposition of the tiny expresso cup and the oversized chair was when my cat came down and meowed loudly at me.  She’s often like that, these days: nibble a little, yelp for more a lot;  she’s an old cat.

But she caught my attention and I noticed that my keys were on the floor.  “How did that happen?”   I wondered.  Were the cat’s cry and the keys being on the floor connected?  I surely didn’t think I’d put them on the floor.

That was when I noticed that part of the little flashlight I keep on my key-ring had, apparently, been knocked off the ring when the keys fell to the floor.  But there was no evidence whatsoever of what had become of this small, but hardly invisible item.

I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.  There always is.  It’s so disappointing.

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