Agnostic or atheist?

Agnostic or atheist?

There’s a mantra that an agnostic is simply an atheist too cowardly to admit it.


An agnostic says:  I cannot know if there is a God.   The question is beyond my human mind to truly answer.   It is like “life after death.”   We are alive; therefore we don’t know what it means to be dead.


We can guess. We do wonder.

The atheist says:  There’s nothing to wonder about.  There is nothing Higher.  What you see is what you get.    Life and life only.

And that’s true, too.  We can dream whatever we want about what may lie beyond our human ken, but it lies beyond it, so we can only imagine, hope or fear.  We may say we even say we believe, but what does this imply?  It implies doubt.   So we all know that at the end of days, or our own days, certainly, any we believe but do not know may or not prove true.   Even a lot of what we think we know might prove to false.

And beyond that, is any particular version of Higher anything exists true while all other versions are false?   I can barely imagine a person being unaware that billions of people believe other things from oneself and with equal intensely.

So doesn’t make us all agnostics, all doubters? That we are utterly incapable of answering the fundamental questions of life and death?

Don’t even atheists have doubts?




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