Sun Mar 24 NYT Crossword Hints – You’ll Know It When You See It

A different kind of theme this week.   There is a “key” clue 67-Across (Classic questions answered six times…).   It should prove a big help to solving the puzzle, but the down clues to land it aren’t easy, so this time my hints will focus on those clues/answers.   Each of the long clues tied to the key answer are totally different from each other and it’ll be the rare solver who knows them immediately.   Meanwhile the general level of clue/answer is a little tougher than an “average” Sunday, so it may take a while before all comes into focus.

So here are some hints for the clue/answer combos that cross 67-Across:

67-Down  Beside:  Note that the clue is beside, not besides.  Think of someone beside someone else.

68-Down Greek goddess of the seasons:   Or:  Plural of dances at a Jewish wedding held in ancient Greece?

45-Down Legislative assemblies:  Plural, so not SENAT; Plural, but no S or E or I at the end;

51-Down Fidelity:  It’d help if the clue mentioned that this is a word used a lot more a while back (say, in the Middle Ages) than it is today.

62-Down Compete:  Rhymes with TRY.

63-Down Traditional enemy of the Kiowa:   Another plural without an S or other plural ending.  A tribe that sounds like the answer to the question:  “Know what I seasoned the lamb with?”

69-Down Mimics:  Noun, not verb;   Or:  People who take care of large primates?

47-Down NBC vis à vis Meet the Press:  Or:  Person who takes the spring clothes out of the attic to get the moth ball smell out.

52-Down Service call?:  Think busy deli counter.


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