Einstein and us


Nobody has ever had hair like Einstein’s.  So my first question is:  Is that why we think he was such a genius, because of his phenomenal hair?

No.  He was both a genius and a man with incredible hair.




Most of us take it for granted that Einstein was not only a genius (and a man with true genius hair), but also that what he concluded was correct.  But we shy away from the consequences of his conclusions.   We do not like to admit that Einstein’s exploration of the inside of the atom gave rise to an age in which universal destruction is not only possible but seems more than likely.

We also do not like to acknowledge that Einstein’s conclusions place the Earth in the universe as extraordinarily isolated.   It nothing, including sound waves, can travel faster than the speed of life, then the nearest organisms that we could conceivably communicate with must be very far away indeed in the scale defined by human existence.   If, as Einstein predicts and virtually all of contemporary physics accepts, mass increases logarithmically as we come anywhere near the speed of light, that the near star to our sun (Alpha Centauri) is over 4 light years away.   Then, even if there were beings we could communicate with — something we have obviously attempted to the absolute limits of our ability — it would take 8 years to say “Hello” and get a “How ya doin'” back.    It turns out we could travel rather far by gradually increasing our speed relative to light, but when we returned hundreds of years would have passed on Earth.  So as far as communicating with other species is concerned, they’d have the same problem we’d have if they tried to come to Earth, the simple answer is that it is an extraordinarily unlikely occurrence.

What does this add up to:  That we may or may not be God’s only creation (another thing that seems extraordinarily unlikely, but not something science can answer one way or another), but we sure as hell are out here in the great vacuum of space on our own.  So we damn well ought to be making better use of our unique situation!

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