Sat Jan 26 NYT Crossword Hints

Ok, before the hints, an admission that this one killed me.  I don’t think it’s just cause I started late in the evening.  I just don’t know who the “Monkey launched in 1958”, what Mercutio cried repeatedly, who was in Unfaithful or the name of the announcer in, what was it, Let’s Make a Deal?  So I have to admit, I went into a pure guess & check mode with those four squares.   Maybe because folks can google answers so easily, it does feel to me that Friday and Saturday puzzles are getting more combo obscure answers.   So I, the hint giver, must cry, “Gimme a hint!”

Ok, finally done, though with far too many wrong guesses before the denouement. Painful after all these years.  Oh, well.


Rainbow event:  On the street, not in the sky.

It includes the extradition clause:  Think very important document with roman numerals attached

It’s between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo:  Well, BORDER WITH MEXICO won’t fit, so what else is in between the two countries?

Receipt to redeem a credit:  Often considered close to worthless

Place of imprisonment…:  Think Prisoner of _______

One who snaps:  Especially on Sundays, Mondays, and occasional Saturdays

Medieval love poem:  Or a present to you in Hawaii by someone who spells phonetically

Ensure: 2 words

Sounds that make frogs disappear?:  pssst.  the ones you sometimes get in your throat

Military hut:  These are pretty big huts.  There’s no question mark and no joke, just a particular kind of hut used by military personnel

Signs of Spring:  Signs, yes, S at the end, no.  What other letter can indicate it’s a plural?

Non-profit concerns:  After this puzzle, I definitely had to count mine.  2 words.



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