Fri. Dec. 14, NYT Crossword Hints

Well, it is Friday, so one shouldn’t be surprised it’s a bit of a killer for all but the most crossword-wise of us.   Since it’s Friday, it’s also themeless, so a few hints:

Fever that reached America in the mid-1960’s:  No, not a disease, though some parents thought it was.

Nominee who was the subject of a 2006 filibuster attempt:  Most NYT readers undoubtedly still wish the filibuster had succeeded!  Well known last name, first name common enough, but rarely referred to.

Major Eur. oil producer:  a 4-letter abbreviation with oil.   Well, think of the even bigger oil producer that’s almost part of Europe and once you get a down clue or two you’ll figure it out.

Matter found in briefs:  No, NYT is not getting risqué, so maybe it’s a different kind of brief(s).

Digital evidence?:  Pay attention to that question mark!

Toss down Tequila: 2 words

Publisher with a borzoi logo:  What the hell is a borzoi?  Not that it would have helped me.  What publisher has a low tolerance for vowels?

Relative of John Bull:  With the accent on the word “relative”  John Bull: England as ______ : United States; (I though John Bull might be a beer at first!)

They indicate shyness:  this particular use of shy has been showing up a lot lately

Bazooka Joe’s company:  Poor Bazooka Joe, he was always so stiff and flat and stale.  Must have been the company he kept.  Still it was high company, not low.

Rascal, in slang: Never heard of this word.  Sounds like someone who should have been hanging out with Bilbo Baggins.

Percolate:  2 words, the second of which does not indicate a direction

Virtuous behaviors, in Hinduism:  Jeez, I always thought they were just bums.