Sat. Dec. 15 NYT Crossword Hints

Saturday:   Themeless as usual, though there’s something that approaches “theme-ness” in the fact of there being several three letter answers that aren’t at all obvious.  If this were a Thursday puzzle, you’d think there was a rebus in here (several letters crammed into a single square), but…

Java application:  The question mark tells you it’s not something neat for your android phone

E-mails a dupe:  But doesn’t try to fool anybody!

Onetime giant in decking:  Should really have a question mark after the clue

Raphael, e.g.:  Neither a saint nor a painter.  2 words.

Birthplace of the phonograph:  Do you remember who invented it?  2 word place associated with that person

Heads across the pond:  I wanted this to be LOOs that I tried it without the fourth letter.  No go, but yes, a place to go…over there.

Gran Paradiso, e.g.:  Should be a car or an ISLA, but apparently it’s bigger than that.  Well, certainly taller

It goes over the tongue:  But don’t put it in your mouth!

Guitar-spinning group:  You couldn’t put it down in scrabble (without the blank tile) for more than one reason.

Three-side carrier:  think bricklaying.  If that doesn’t help, you may need to guess the first letter

Specifically: 3, count ’em three words

Victor over H.H.H.:  Not DDE, but close in more ways than one

F- :  Not a music symbol or a very poor grade.  What else is there?  Well, you may need a few acrosses  before it comes to you.

It blew in 1707:  Contrary to opinion (i.e. my first guess), the more obvious spewer blew more recently, but didn’t in 1707

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