Fri Feb 1 NYT Crossword Hints

Another cruel Friday.   As you might tell by when I’m posting, here I am at nearly 2 in the morning trying to give you a few hints to make a Friday challenge a little more achievable.   Themeless (Fri/Sat are always themeless).

It is possible to solve the puzzle without knowing who the 2011 Emmy-winning MSNBC host was, ’cause I didn’t know it either and I made it through.  First and last name.  Woman.   First name Biblical.   Second name unguessable.  Could it be an angry variation of a grassy valley?

Two Absent without leave? clues.  The long one’s just what it says, so I’m not sure why there’s a question mark at the end.  I wanted to put an “E” in the second word of this two word answer which it made it not fit.

Works on a plot:  The plot isn’t an acre or a play.  Unless the play’s a thriller.

If you don’t know who the Emmy nominee for Newhart is and can’t spell the “kind of artery or vein” that crosses it, let me ease your pain:  It’s a vowel and it isn’t A E I or U.  Hope that doesn’t give it away!

Semi-opponent:  The is a portmanteau word:  two words crunched together to from a new word that has a meaning that combines the two words that make it.  Must come from having too many Facebook contacts who keep sending you updates on things you have no desire to know.

Sturdy as  _______:  no, not A ROCK, apparently,  not A anything, yet close.

Time-traveling 1980’s film character:  No, his name wasn’t Calvin Klein despite product placement.

Decrees:   Plural yes,  “S” at the end, no.

Common soap ingredient:  Think television, not wash basins.


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