Thu Jan 31 NYT Crossword Hints

Strange puzzle, though of course Thursday NYT crossword puzzles are all about being unique.  Today’s NYT crossword hint is tat this one’s “trick” or theme is that the theme doesn’t relate to any of the clues/answers.  So that makes solving 23-down (“This puzzle’s theme”) useless in solving the rest of the puzzle and a minor challenge of its own.    For a while, I thought it was about a super-big wave, but that was only true in the  beginning.

So it’s otherwise all about solving the grid.

Specific hints:

1-Across Toon/live action film of 1996:  2 words and it starred a man who was later famous for his underwear.

9-Across Typewriter’s spot:  Maybe this is one that’s hard for younger solvers who’ve never seen a writing device that won’t sit on you lap or in your palm.  Don’t over-think it, the obvious answer is correct.

9-Down Ten-spots and such:  Especialmente en Mexico!

31-Down Toned quality: I’m not sure I buy this clue/answer combo.  Anyway, people who are toned are usually this, but some toned people are anything but.

26-Down Turn a blind eye, say:  3 words…or monkeys.

52-Across Thing that’s highly explosive:  Another not quite right clue/answer.   This burns like heck, but won’t necessarily explode.

50-Down Took (out):  Think editing especially with a pen or pencil

Every day I give a few hints for those who want to see how far one can go without googling, checking Rex Parker’s blog, or hitting “Reveal” in Across Lite.  


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