Fri Jan 11 NYT Crossword Hints and Tips

By Friday, we’re beyond tips, unless it’s to warn new solvers that Fridays can be pretty rough.  For a while I challenged myself to do Fridays in print form in pen, trying to keep the it all as cleanly done as possible.  I’d come back to the puzzle several times in a day before I’d finished, rarely without having to write over something I’d screwed up.  That can be a fun way to challenge yourself.   Today I use Across Lite addict, and on Fridays I put my answer in using the “pencil” option.


I have a gripe with one clue/answer:  It’s possible to figure out the “key discovery of 1799” once you’ve got a few letters, but “Jersey Shore”  co-star is completely un-figure-out-able if you don’t know it already.  So it’s all about solving the crossing answers without the down clue not helping at all.  Anyway…:  It’s two words, but  not really a person’s name.  Don’t ask me why an actor is named this way;  beats me.  (After I did the puzzle I googled it:  “805 million results.”  Guess that shows me just how out of it I am.  Ok with me, but please don’t make the centerpiece of a crossword!)

More hints:

Bars:  think army

cubes: think verb, not plural noun

pets named for their British Isle origins:  2 words.

print:  think noun, not verb, and think ecologically

Hatchery supply:  not OVA surprisingly, but close

Concert momento:  I’ve saved quite a few, you probably have to, check to pockets of a coat you haven’t warn in a long time.



Brooklyn player:  must have taken the wrong train from Secaucus.

Complementary robe provides:  But don’t try to walk off with it, your credit card will be charged