SAT Jan 12 NYT Crossword Hints

Themeless, of course.  Hints for “They might make a dog run” and many others.

They might make a dog run:  A slight trick here.  Consider that some words are both nouns and verbs.

On-air hobbyists:  No CB-ERs won’t fit, but similar.  I thought this was something of the past, apparently not.

Select: another one to be open minded about verb vs. noun

Portrayer of June in “Henry and June”:  Since Henry is Henry Miller, you can bet the actress is hot!

Pico Mountain innovation in 1940:  and now a Bunny Hill standard.

Not nervous at all:  5 words, well, 4 if you don’t count repeats.

Oil deposit problem:  Not the kind of oil deposit you’d likely think of at first

Be in the can:  Boy, does can have a lot of possibilities.  For most people, it’s the second one that occurs to you that’s the right one here.  And no, this is not an example of the NYT getting more risqué.

Fit of the road:  Another word twist.  It doesn’t mean what you’d think it does at first.  Not about one’s readiness for the the road, but something else entirely.

Pair in a cage:  No, not lions…or any other animal.  A very specific pair of something’s that are always in a particular cage.

Body image:  Not an image of the body, like a CAT Scan, but an image…