Fri Jan 4 NYT Crossword Hints and Tips

Friday, so no theme.  Just 4 answers the full length of the puzzle down and across.  So some specific hints:

Lake cabin sight:  You might not see this sight because you’re so attached to it!

1894 Novel whose title character…fingerprints: 2 words, the first part of the first word is somethin’ you might want to eat.  the second word has a presidential ring to it.

Words from one who’s at a loss for words:  The answer isn’t at a loss for words, it has five of them in fact.

Target of some political attacks: Probably the only thing the left and right agree is that it’s not fair.

You may feel below it…though being far above it isn’t good either.

Does street campaigning:  It’s a figurative expression that’s literally what some politicians do.

French Urban network:  A bit of an odd way of cluing a more ordinary answer.  (It’s not the RATP, btw)

Ways to go:  Could be found in the French (or any other place) urban network, but also in a place you inhabit every day!