Sat Jan 5 NYT Crossword Hints

Themeless, bien sur.

Reconcile:  2 words;  I think there’s a basketball player with this last name.

Certain Arabian Peninsula native:  Well, it ain’t an Omani or an Iraqi or Irani, so maybe this native just lives in the gulf?

Philly court legend:  His nickname, that is.

Shrimp protrusion:  This explains why you don’t eat the whole shrimp!

Never: 2 words, and NOT ONCE doesn’t fit.

Kind of paint: …or where you’re painting.

Jai alai need:  Es absolutamente necesario!

It doesn’t include a bass:  Think bass voice, not the long thing with 4 strings.

The Marx Brothers in “Monkey Business,” e.g.:  How else would the Marx brothers end up on an ocean liner?