Sun Jan 6 NYT Crossword Hints – “Puzzle Envy”

Theme:  Ok, so Puzzle Envy.  What does that tell us?  Probably “puzzle” doesn’t add much, just there to make it humorous.  So envy.  Think what that word sounds like.  So is something added?  Are there multiple letters in a single square?  Really, it’s much simpler…and not particularly clever or fun, I’m afraid.   Anyway, solve a one or two long clues and you’ll see it.  That’s give you some automatic fills for other long clues.


Specific clues:

Go downhill in a way:  think winter & fun.

Lawyers’ cases, maybe:  Don’t thing legal cases, not that this kind of case is illegal.

cancels:  think rocket flight

court statistic:  think basketball

shot blocker:  think slr

Miss identification:  think newspaper announcements

“Norwegian Wood” strings:  not every plural has an S at the end.  By the way, do you think he burned her furniture in the fireplace at the end or just enjoyed sitting in it after sleeping in the bath?

Hit 1944 film starring a 12-year old actress:  Jeez, I thought the horse was the star!

Choices of time:  think when you’re setting your digital clock and don’t want to screw up when you set the alarm.

’60’s prez  – no, Ike was in the ’50’s, the 1950’s.

Slammin’ Sammy:  Well SOSA won’t fit.  There’s more than one way to swing a club

ending with pscyh-  :  there could be more than one of those crazy people!

Some Swedish models:  No, not Anita Ekberg and Heidi Klum’s German.  Not that kind of model.

WWII Threat:  Surprisingly, the U’s weren’t the only letters to worry about.

The N.F.L. Burress:  Ok I guessed the Met opera singer at first, I admit it.  Close, but not cigar.  Remember what marks the spot.  The Pastoral Poem that crosses this one looks like it has an “O” missing, but it doesn’t.  To save you from having to use the forbidden Reveal button (in Across Lite) or having to read Rex Parker or wait ’til next week, here’s a really stupid hint:  what is something made of the plastic had a collision with a country south of the border that crunched the two together?  No help?  Go ahead, be tough, press reveal!